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Reading about the real life story of a successful or remarkable person often influences, motivates, or provides encouragement. As students learn about the challenges that others have overcome, they can make connections to their own lives. They may recognize the hardships that a historical or contemporary figure has faced and relate them to their own struggles. The insight gained in studying a biography can include an affective, emotional component beyond curriculum objectives.

Even though the practical skills learned in school – how to solve complex math problems, how to write an essay, or maybe even how to program a computer – are important skills for career, there are other critical lessons students need. Learning about the life story of a successful person can teach essential life skills, such as:

  • persevere to achieve goals

  • maintain a fair perspective and recognize other viewpoints

  • listen to learn from others

  • learn to be independent without relying on the opinion of peers

  • take personal responsibility and accountability for your choices and actions

  • develop a love of learning

  • deal with failure

  • be kind, helpful, and considerate of others


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Chef Brave Heart’s love of cooking arose from necessity.

Raised by a single father and older brothers, she found herself in charge of the kitchen before the age of 10. Asking her grandmother for cooking lessons so she could provide food for her family, Chef Brave Heart learned much more than recipes. Her grandmother instilled a sense of tradition, a strong work ethic and an appreciation for beautiful presentation. 

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