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Chef Brave Heart’s love of cooking arose from necessity.

Raised by a single father and older brothers, she found herself in charge of the kitchen before the age of 10. Asking her grandmother for cooking lessons so she could provide food for her family, Chef Brave Heart learned much more than recipes. Her grandmother instilled a sense of tradition, a strong work ethic and an appreciation for beautiful presentation. 

A member of the Oglala Lakota Nation of the Pine Ridge Indian Reserve in South Dakota, Chef Brave Heart instinctually embraced both her Indigenous and Jewish heritage. She has always held a deep respect for her people and finds connection to them through her cooking.

“My existence is because of the resilience of my people.”

Coming from a people who are economically desolate but enriched in culture, Chef Brave Heart vows to honor her elders – the oral historians and language keepers who came before her. Believing that food is healing - nourishing not only body, but soul - Chef Brave Heart’s divine purpose is to make the food of her ancestors accessible in a modern, simple way. Each morsel is seasoned with love.  

Growing up in a community of small businesses made a lifelong impact on Chef Brave Heart, who has dedicated her career to empowering other Indigenous entrepreneurs.

As co-founder of the South Dakota Indian Business Alliance and in her role as National Diversity Ambassador, Chef Brave Heart strives to support small business owners, highlighting their incredible passions and hard work. 

To date, Chef Brave Heart has helped launch over 187 small business across the United States, primarily on Indian reserves. 

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